let it be: a celebration of the music of the beatles

so i think y’all know who The Beatles is/are/was/were whatever the proper term is (if you don’t… have you been living under a rock all your life?), but you may not know that they are on tour. of course, not the original members (RIP Lennon & Harrison) but a cast of super-talented musicians and actors of sorts who join together onstage to celebrate the music of The Beatles (like the title of this post clearly states).

taken directly off their site (scroll down for the link):

“Relive The Beatles’ meteoric rise from their humble beginnings in Liverpool’s Cavern Club, through the heights of Beatlemania, to their later studio masterpieces, with live performances of early tracks including Twist and Shout, She Loves You and Drive My Car, as well as global mega-hits Yesterday, Hey Jude, Come Together and, of course, Let It Be. Travel back to the magical Sixties when all you needed was love, and a little help from your friends!”

anyhoo, i had the honour to attend one of their shows recently. let’s just say that the venue was packed with people of all ages, though mostly with greying and white heads. don’t get me wrong, as a group, they were the most enthusiastic and passionate of the audience members, as they well should be. i was introduce to the music of The Beatles fairly late, just a couple years ago, and therefore don’t know much about them. their music, i am decently familiar with (as i confirmed while looking at the setlist); the band, not so much. but not to worry, the show tells the story of how The Beatles came to be through music (with the help of sets and costumes too). what really surprised me, though, was the striking similarities of the cast members to their respective Beatles member.

what else am i supposed to say? it was a fantastic time that made everyone in the audience – from young to old – twist and shout (pun intended). i’m not here to review the show, really, so i’ll just leave it at this: YOU SHOULD GO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF.

the link is here, if you’re interested at all.

that’s all for now.