the musings of a musician.

just a friendly welcome to my new music blog.

quick background as to why i’ve decided to do this (along with the numerous other blogs i run every now and then).
this is all said in the about me page, but i am a music student and though passionate, i have to admit i’m not as exposed to it as my fellow musician friends, as i discovered this passion pretty much just last year. don’t get me wrong, i’ve been doing music my entire life but i never really bonded with it until now.
so, due to me being underexposed to what i claim to be my passion, i thought i would use this platform as a way to record my journey in music.
i realize there are, like, a billiongazillion music blogs out there; popularity is not my focus (and let’s face it, this blog is probably going to get as far as my closest facebook friends… or maybe even not), but rather personal development and growth as a musician.

anyways, all that aside: content. i guess you can expect me to post about my experience with the art form as well as new compositions i’ve discovered.
as for reviewing music… well, i’m not so good at that but i’ll be sure express my thoughts. we’ll see what happens.

that’s all for now.