the start of my creative journey.

i think i can write about personal things as long as it’s relevant to music, right? righty-o!

took some time to create a facebook page though as of yet, it isn’t “live” (zero likes, no promotions) because… let’s face it i don’t have enough content to exhibit. but it’s a start. link is here, if you want to check it out.

quick note: someone close to me recently told me that i must forget about pleasing others and focusing solely on being recognized for my talents in the realm of music, because i must first and foremost be making music for myself. not anybody else (well, except maybe for those close to my heart i’d like to dedicate songs to them sometime in the future). i was never even remotely popular and still am not now. but page likes and view counts should not take me away from my passion. and that insight is what i’m going to leave with you today.

that’s all for now.