caution: slippery when wet

first on-key post, first throwback thursday.
originally i was going to feature another song but then thought that it would be better suited for fridays. not really sure if there’s a whole selection process or requirements about a song? thought since it’s my first post, i’d go with something a bit easier both for me and my readers. sort of as an introduction.

title: livin’ on a prayer
artist: bon jovi
album: slippery when wet
genre: hard rock
year: 1986

why i decided to choose this? first, it’s a song many people recognize. second, i was having dinner, it came on the radio, i started singing along and might have embarrassed myself a little bit but i don’t care because it is a great song. first time i heard this was actually on glee (i know… i know… ), with their mashup of start me up/livin’ on a prayer. a quick word about glee: i honestly thank it for helping me explore different genres and ages of music. before that, i’ve got to say i was one of those people whose music would only consist of top 40 songs, or something like that. needless to say i’ve put that past behind, hopefully, and am genuinely attempting to open up to more music, some of which may not be widely known. shall preach about this on a later date. another reason for my choosing this song is a fond memory of me and my friends playing along to it on rock band. on that note, yes, my selections will mostly be personal. after all, my goal is to advance my exposure to different kinds of music.

and i’ll leave it at that; that’s all for now.