on-key: music talk series

in order to further my exploring in music, i have decided to create a music talk series, so to speak, for this blog. don’t really have an official name for it yet, but that is of insignificant importance. for now, let’s go with on-key. as i am indeed a university student, i unfortunately cannot afford time to blog every single day (but i shall try my best!). but putting that aside, i still wanted to have certain “themes” or “genres” of music to talk about. the easiest way to do that? go by the week.
so, without further ado, the topics/categories are (names subject to possible changes in the near future):

  • Beat those Monday Blues – Top Charts/Popular
  • Turn-Up & Tune-In (Tuesday) – Indie/New/My discoveries
  • All That Class (Wednesday) – Classical
  • Throwback Thursday – “Oldies”/Pre-2000
  • Feel-Good Friday – My personal favourites
  • Saturday Playlists – Featured playlists from other music blogs
  • Soundscape (Sunday) – Spiritual/inspirational/relaxation

that’s all for now.