on-key: saturday playlists

i realized i forgot to include saturday and sunday on my on-tap series (whoops?). what to do?
looking on my twitter feed, many of the popular & well-established music blogs have featured playlists throughout the week. i thought i could feature some of their playlists every saturday since: a) gives a more “professional” insight on music and b) i can still explore new music without putting in too much effort.

so, first playlist i’m going to feature is indieshuffle‘s “new folk music you should listen to”, posted on february 25, 2015. why? it was one of the first ones i found when setting up my twitter account, and had josé gonzales as the featured artist image for the playlist (decided to use him as my featured image too; more about him on later days).


  1. josé gonzales – let it carry you
  2. IYES – simmer (acoustic)
  3. stornoway – the road you didn’t take
  4. the tallest man on earth – sagres
  5. sufjan stevens – no shade in the shadow of the cross
  6. banff – stand in line
  7. whilk and misky – love lost
  8. patrick watson – love songs for robots
  9. childish gambino – telegraph ave/sober (daniela andrade cover)
  10. marika hackman – ophelia

still listening to it now, so can’t really talk about each song one-by-one (maybe they will find their way into future on-key posts, who knows?), but all i can say for sure is that they are chill and meditative to some extent. i mean, it’s the kind of music that i would listen to when studying or while en-route somewhere. loving the acoustic sound of folk songs too (have always been a fan of “old” folk, so why not try some “new” folk?)

that’s all for now.
(gotta get back to doing a whole lotta work)