fifty shades of music

alright, so i’m pretty confident that y’all have heard of this fifty shades of grey book-slash-movie. it’s been the subject of some pretty controversial debates out there. i’ve never read the series, haven’t seen the movie and am not planning to because of my own moral views but not gonna get into that (psst! it’s rape!) BUT subject content aside, the music is fairly attractive to the ear and has received more positive ratings than both the book series and the movie. something quick for thought: it’s controversial when sex and all that is “glorified” on the big screen, but it’s fine when it’s in music? just let that sink in a bit. my guess is the difference between seeing it versus hearing it.

anyways, let’s get to the main course, shall we?

title: love me like you do
artist: ellie goulding
album: fifty shades of grey: original motion picture soundtrack
genre: synthpop
year: 2015

i have to be brutally honest with you. popular songs… not really my thing. i listened to the top 40 on iTunes and had so much trouble deciding which song to cover for today because: a) i don’t usually listen to top 40 so the choice i make cannot be personal, b) it limits the amount of choices i have, and c) i don’t know… the sounds i prefer somewhat differ from those on top 40, but i’m not going to reject them based on a preconceived judgment (i mean, a musician’s gotta be open to all kinds of music, right?).

reason for this selection. mondays are about popular songs; what would fit better in the category than the most popular song from the soundtrack of a relatively (unfortunately) popular movie in today’s culture? and from rising star ellie goulding too. an upbeat melody, pre-chorus sequences leading into a repetitive chorus that is easy to catch on – not that bad of a song i guess.

oh, i know this is irrelevant to the music, but props to the people behind the creation of the music video – love the colour schemes and set and stuff (though i would enjoy it more if they didn’t show bits of the movie… but alas, it is a song from the film).

that’s all for now.