of dreams and nightmares

released just today, my first turn-up & tune-in post features BANNERS (aka Mike Nelson, formerly known as RAINES) and his debut track, ghosts. initial reaction when i discovered this song via hypemachine was that the sound has a coldplay-slash-chris martin feel to it, with BANNERS’ haunting, lulling, falsetto-ranged vocals. and it seems i am not the only one who thinks so, according to chris danks at hillydilly and NK at earbuddy. here’s the liverpudlian singer-songwriter himself on his masterpiece:

“Ghosts is really important to me, it’s about my dreams and my nightmares. It’s about having someone to fight the world with. It’s about love and loss, but also the idea that these feelings don’t stop just because a relationship does.”

so far, from what i’ve been reading, his song has been met with nothing but positive reviews and praises. i must add to that count as well. wow, did i fall in love with it after the first few seconds of listening. there is just something so… enticing about this track that just lures you into his world. must be the piano, guitar, and percussive punches mixed in with his choice of atmospheric background noise. thank you, BANNERS, this is definitely my kind of music and am looking forward to hearing more from you.

fall in love with this song below:


that’s all for now.

*edit: he previously went by RAINES, until prior to his release of “shine a light” – you can read my post about it here.