one last chance

feeling like you just need a break from school/work/whatever you do during your weekdays? tgif; it’s time for feel-good friday, a collection of my favourite songs. hopefully they will brighten your day.

get up and dance with today’s track:

title: last chance
artist: kaskade (with project 46, featuring stef lang)
album: atmosphere
genre: edm, house
year: 2013


i have to admit i’m not a huge fan of this particular genre of music, but kaskade is one of the djs i enjoy listening to (zedd being another). first song of his i grew attached to was one heart, back in 2008 or so. haven’t really heard much of his afterwards until about a year ago, when i was introduced to last chance and floating. my director had selected these two (amongst other songs) as background tracks for our annual school play, and had the former choreographed for the big dance scene. i think i may still remember the dance steps. last chance, with its simple yet close-to-heart lyrics and transition from something quite lyrical into quick-paced dance music with strong beats, will most definitely pick you up on this friday afternoon.

that’s all for now.