black and white

i’ve got to say that not many of the music blogs i know feature playlists as a way of listening to music. fortunately, indieshuffle has that and their playlists are usually quite good. they were featured last week as well, but until i find another source that creates playlists (8tracks is an option too, maybe?), i guess i’m going to stick with them.

posted on feb. 1, 2015 by philip friedman, today’s playlist will be from their sunday night chill series: 88 keys, a collection of tunes played on the piano (as a pianist, this playlist obviously attracted my attention).


  1. geotic – forest floor (feat. m. luna)
  2. slimburn – touch start
  3. nine shields – piano improv 1
  4. stumbleine – ember
  5. locust_ – snowblind

the piano was presented differently in each piece, with touch start and ember being more electronical, forest floor and piano improv 1 sounding more like your typical classical piano ballad, and snowblind kind of a mix of both. i personally prefer a pure piano sound to something electronic (maybe it’s because of my classical background, i don’t know). being an explorer doesn’t mean that i necessarily have to like everything i find, right?

that’s all for now.