a nightmare dressed like a daydream

i was having breakfast with a group of friends, when taylor swift‘s blank space came up on the radio. one friend started singing along, while another groaned not because he particularly hated the song, but that it was too overplayed (might i mention both are guys? see, not only little girls enjoy her music). that’s the thing about popular music; you enjoy the songs until it gets played over and over and over and over again by radio stations, on friends’ phones, at parties, etc. etc. etc. contrasting his statement, however, i have actually never heard the song in its entirety. i’ve definitely heard of the song (shout out to my friend, the “bird empress”) though. i used to follow taylor’s music back in middle-high school for a few years but kind of stopped after her speak now album, so… no red or 1989 except for the most popular tracks. like, blank space.

title: blank space
artist: taylor swift
album: 1989
genre: electropop
year: 2014

i love the video, by the way – staying classy while being devious. reminded me of the evil queen from snow white/regina mills from once upon a time. maybe it was the black. or the smashing. or the red apple. and being someone who’s really into fantasy, that is literally the life, without the heartbreak and violence and all that of course. i’ve always wanted to live like royalty for a day (every girl’s dream). oh and not to mention she’s just fabulous in the video. and oh my goodness you know what i just realized she’s like the witch from hansel and gretel… except taylor’s gorgeous and lures equally gorgeous men into her palace of a house – kind of a more romanticized version?

anyways onto the song. i don’t really know how i feel about it at the moment? the chorus is definitely catchy, no doubt about that. but the verses really aren’t sticking in my head right now. but i guess that’s the point?

final verdict? it’s a good song to listen to once in a while, but i wouldn’t listen to it on repeat (sorry swifties).

that’s all for now.