… to begin

for starters, apologies for not being around the past few days – it’s essay time /sighs. but everybody needs a break once in a while from work, right? whether it’s to blog (holla!) or to game.
gaming. that is today’s playlist theme, presented by classicfm from the saturday night at the movies (runs every saturday night from 5-7pm… uk time?).

anyways, here’s the tracklist as goes:

  1. c. paul johnson, martin o’donnell, michael salvatori, paul mccartney – destiny: excerpt from the rose 1 / the warmind
  2. danny elfman – fable ii: fable theme
  3. russell shaw – fable iii: brightwall
  4. jesper kyd – assassin’s creed ii: florence tarantella
  5. garry schyman – bioshock infinite: ad / doors
  6. gustavo santaolalla – the last of us: all gone (no escape)
  7. joe hisaishi – ni no kuni, wrath of the white witch: one fine morning
  8. daniel jacop teper – valiant hearts, the great war: little trinketry
  9. normand corbeil – heavy rain: ethan mars’ main theme
  10. mahito yokota – super mario galaxy 2: super mario galaxy 2
  11. jeremy soule – the elder scrolls v, skyrim: from past to present
  12. austin wintory – journey: the road of trials
  13. greg edmonson – uncharted 3, drake’s deception: something better
  14. brian tyler – assassin’s creed iv, black flag: the high seas
  15. lorne balfe – assassin’s creed, revelations: assassin’s creed theme
  16. greg edmonson – uncharted 2, among thieves: nate’s theme 2.0
  17. andrew hale – l.a. noire: main theme
  18. petri alanko – alan wake: welcome to bright falls
  19. harry gregson-williams – metal gear solid 4, guns of the patriots: metal gear saga
  20. lorne balfe, hans zimmer – beyond, two souls: jodie’s story
  21. mikolai stroinsku – the vanishing of ethan carter: valley of the blinding mist
  22. inon zur – fantasia, music evolved: meeting the master
  23. jerry goldsmith – alien: main title
  24. austin wintory – the banner saga: huddled in the shadows
  25. nathan grigg – middle-earth, shadow of mordor: the gravewalker
  26. garry schyman – middle-earth, shadow of mordor: queen of the shore
  27. trevor morris – dragon age, inquisition: val royeaux / journey to skyhold

and, an added “bonus” suggested by a really good gamer friend of mine (aka my boyfriend):

martin o’donnell – halo legends: unforgotten

i’m not a gamer and have heard of… only a couple of these games. but from what i’ve heard (random playlists and from gaming friends), the soundtracks are great and get you really into the mood. i’ll get back to you on which of these i enjoy the most – have to listen to them first. but i’ll have you know this: i enjoy very folky/dancey, medieval-sounding tracks (if you know what i’m talking about).

that’s all for now.