thank you dear lord!

two reasons to thank the lord. one: i’m almost finished my essay! two: it’s soundscape today! so it’ll be spiritual/instrumental songs… basically anything that will inspire and calm you down; relaxing stuff. coming from a christian family, my mom suggested i do a spiritual segment on this blog and i took her advice. here’s the song for today:

title: i am alive
artist: jj lin & jason mraz
album: genesis
genre: pop
year: 2014

you guys probably only know half of this singing duo here – i’m expecting you to know jason mraz. you know, the guy who sang i’m yours? or maybe you’ll recognize him from singing lucky with colbie caillat.  jj lin you might not be as familiar with. i just know he’s a really famous chinese singer-songwriter.

anyways, the lyrics really spoke to me. and because they are just so good, i shall present you with my favourite lines:

actually… i’m not going to write my favourites because i can’t just pick and choose when they are all related, right? it’s like… telling people you only like the crispy bits of a kit kat bar and not the chocolate – they’re a whole. or something like that. i love the entire idea of the song, personal strength and motivation. i CAN do this, i CAN do that, i am INVINCIBLE! as long as a try and put my all into it. as the priest said in today’s homily: there is no such thing as a free lunch. in order for success, you must try, put effort into your work.

so please, sit back, relax, and enjoy the video.
and really listen to the lyrics.

that’s all for now.
(also, how cute is the animation in that video?)