lost in skies of powdered gold…

caught in clouds of silver ropes
showered by the empty hopes
as i tumble down, falling fast to the ground

these are the beautifully crafted lyrics, as expected of the band. that’s what attracted me in the first place, as well as their sound which… i don’t know how to describe. something lighter? it’s just really nice to listen to. released just yesterday, their first album in three years since my head is an animal. of course fans are excited! not to mention they’re going on tour in two months.

title: crystals
artist: of monsters and men
album: beneath the skin
genre: indie folk
year: 2015

such an epic beginning with the drums though! you can expect nothing less from the band, with their smooth vocals and acoustic pure instrumentation. needless to say, i am also really excited for their new album! just gonna say that they’re one of my favourite groups out there right now.

that’s all for now.