we all scream for ice cream

today’s turn-up & tune-in will be special – i’m going to be writing about two songs (because frankly, i can’t choose and can’t wait to talk about them both!)
so, this is part 1: ice cream cake.

yes, the song is called ice cream cake, by kpop girl group red velvet. i used to be a fanatic follower of kpop but then it just got too difficult to keep up and eventually, i disappeared from the kpop scene. i haven’t really been paying much attention to the genre until i saw the teasers for this song. it looked nice, the whole concept and everything so i was like okay, i’ll give it a chance. when the music video came out (because that’s how they promote in s. korea, it’s an entire package) and trust me, this song sounds as good as its name. i was hooked right away! oh, and did i mention the youngest of the group was born in 1999? that’s insane! (but then again, they all start off young…)

normally, i wouldn’t consider blogging about kpop but i think this is an exception. try it out just this one, you’ll never know what you may find. music is all about exploration.

title: ice cream cake
artist: red velvet
album: ice cream cake
genre: kpop
year: 2015

i actually really like it and am guilty to have watched it many times already. but just… a couple things, not song-related:

  1. so. much. hair. why focus on that and not on their faces more? maybe that’s the concept, i don’t know. i mean, they do have really… orangey, blondey, light hair.
  2. was that aerial shot of the girl and cleavage really necessary? i’ve never seen that in any of the company’s videos before and it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the theme at all. and… that girl is 16. got to say that’s my least favourite part of the video.
  3. i love those light-up, pouffy sweaters. where can i get one?

anyways, those are all my thoughts. i personally really enjoy the chorus. and the first verse.
so yeah, let me know what you think.

that’s all for now.