life in pink

during dinner one evening, my friends and i started talking about what kind of music we enjoy. one of them said he really likes jazz and gave me a list of recommendations because this blog and exploring different genres. i’ve never really been into the entire jazzy sound, but rather than discriminating the entire genre, there are a couple songs i actually like. i was going to discuss louis armstrong’s cover of la vie en rose today, but changed my mind because i thought i’d focus on the original version, by edith piaf. surely, you’ve heard of her, right? or maybe not, as she was a french singer, and a very famous one, might i add.

title: la vie en rose
artist: edith piaf
genre: pop
year: 1947

it’s really a throwback today, huh? there’s something about the not-so-high-definition, sparky quality of the audio that gives me the feels – you can just imagine her sitting in a small parisian apartment, plump couch and table with a lampshade kind of lamp, lush carpeted floor, decked out in her best pearls and the always in-fashion little black dress, a glass of red wine in hand as she sings about the man she loves, waltzing along the way. it’s like, straight out from a scene of an old black and white film!

also, french just… it just romanticizes the song so beautifully!
(i should cover some french artists sometime!)

that’s all for now.