on the hunt

there’s a hungry animal out there. and no, i’m not talking about myself. or should i say, there’s a hungry pack of wolves out there. today’s feel-good friday is duran duran’s hungry like the wolf. ah, i just love this song, definitely makes me feel good. first time i heard it was on garage band… but then i realized i heard it on glee before but it was the mashup with another of the band’s hit songs, rio. anyways, the specs:

title: hungry like the wolf
artist: duran duran
album: rio
genre: new wave
year: 1982

tell me you didn’t just attempt to rock out to this? the beat and the verse melody is just so catchy! not to mention the “doo-doo-doo”s, amiright? also the fact that i have a soft spot for wolves (even though it’s really only used metaphorically in this song) totally doesn’t contribute to my liking of the song.

that’s all for now.
(it’s getting late over here and i need to sleep – have a concert tomorrow night!)