focus: mt. wolf

today, i’m going to do something a little different from the usual single-song cover. you know, i was just going through songs and stuff, looking for something new to write about and listen to, when i came across hamburg by london, electronica dream folk (that is a really interesting mesh of a genre i have never heard of) band, mt. wolf. thank you indieshuffle. i’ll be totally honest with you, their name was what brought me to test them out in the first place (because wolf). i really couldn’t decide which of their tracks i wanted to cover today! so, i thought, why not present all their music? i guess you can consider this my turn-up & tune-in post of the week, but i thought i’d start another series for my blog, intended to focus (yeah that’s the current running title, may be subjected to changes in the future) on showcasing artists and their works as a whole, rather than one single.

there isn’t a whole lot of information about them as of yet, but here’s what i found from their facebook page.

formed in 2012, the london-based band currently consists of sebastian ‘bassi’ fox, stevie red mcminn, and al mitchell, and formerly included lead vocalist kate sproule. their sound can be described as “dreamy”, “hypnotic”, and “electronic-folk”, according to London Evening Standard and MTV. their new ep, red, will be released mid-april and i am SO looking forward to that. also, here is an interview i found on indieshuffle (i swear that site is my to-go for new, good music. doesn’t disappoint).

so, keep reading & listening for good music ☟
(quick note, i’m still not too great at describing or analyzing music but… i’ll try my best!)

first up is hamburg aka the song that got me here in the first place. i love those airy, falsetto “oooh”s and the acoustic guitar playing at the back supported by a light rhythm section.


another from their upcoming ep, and i believe this is the title song: red. another note, this is the first set of recordings without kate, and they seem to have adopted another quality of sound without their female vocalist.


now in swarm you get to hear kate’s lovely voice for the first time (going in reverse order, by the way). i personally don’t like this one as much as the earlier ones in this post – something about the high notes that i find unsettling.


one word to describe midnight shallows is: powerful. kate ditched the floaty vocals for a chestier sound. again, not a huge fan of this compared to the band’s more recent stuff, but nonetheless, it’s great music.


the following is from their most recent, 2nd ep released, hypolight:


and finally, from their first ep, life size ghosts:


their old stuff isn’t really clicking with me, but the new… helloo! i find the smooth male vocals to be more relaxing than kate’s (sorry!) – like i mentioned above, there’s something unsettling about the high ranges. or it could be that i’m not quite as used to floaty female voices as i am to the sound of male falsettos (because coldplay). and on a general note, i listen to more male artists than females, so that could have presented some bias to my listening. but that doesn’t mean that other people will not enjoy the sound of the beautiful, husky tonality of kate’s voice.

final verdict: i love their new, male-vocals tracks and can’t wait for the ep to come out!

that’s all for now.