it must have been love

(WARNING: spoilers embedded into the video)

apologies, i really couldn’t think of a more creative title, because it’s already perfect the way it is: it must have been love. have you ever watched a 90s movie known as pretty woman? or heard of it? or know who julia roberts and richard gere are? hopefully you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions. seeing as the film celebrated its 25th anniversary just on monday, i thought what better song to cover than the hottest song on its soundtrack? well actually, i kind of just found that out now, coincidentally. my real reason for choosing the song: heard it on a glee video clip, watched pretty woman not too long after and realized what song it was. then just now i was thinking of which song to cover and it popped up in my head. and then i found out about the 25th anniversary. seems as if the fates are in play here.

title: it must have been love
artist: roxette
album: pretty woman: original motion picture soundtrack
genre: pop rock
year: 1990

i don’t know, i just like the song (the chorus, especially!) also, take note of how simple and repetitive the lyrics are, yet they’re so good! “But in and outside I’ve turned to water like a teardrop in your palm.” ☜ i mean how beautiful is that? (another thing about fate: i was listening to the song and this line came up just as i was typing it. huh, right?) for a heartbreak song, it’s fairly… well… on the more positive side i guess? not all whiny and “ooh i want it back”, but more like “it was great, it ended, i know i have to move on, but it will always be in my memories,” you get me? a little? okay.

that’s all for now.