let’s go to the movies!

okay, i think classic fm deserves a round of applause for putting together this amazing playlist which included most of my favourite show tunes… erm, soundtrack music. i realize it’s been a while since the previous saturday playlists post (busy with school and everything, you know, with exams coming up just around the corner) but i’m very, very happy to have found this one. it’s another from their saturday night at the movies series. and once again, i love these pieces, so here they are. enjoy!

  1. richard addinsell – warsaw concerto
  2. howard shore – lord of the rings: the council of elrond
  3. howard shore – the hobbit, battle of the five armies: the ruins of dale
  4. hans zimmer – gladiator: strength and honour
  5. hans zimmer – inception: dream is collapsing 
  6. hans zimmer – interstellar: s.t.a.y.
  7. arvo part – spiegel im spiegel
  8. debbie wiseman – wilde
  9. sergei rachmaninov – piano concerto no. 2 in c minor opus 18 (2)
  10. john williams – e.t.: theme
  11. john williams – harry potter: hedwig’s theme (aka my ultimate LOVE!)
  12. john williams – hymn to the fallen
  13. klaus badeit – pirates of the caribbean: theme
  14. craig armstrong – balcony scene (romeo and juliet)
  15. alexandre desplat – the imitation game: main theme
  16. thomas newman – skyfall: komodo dragon
  17. dmitri shostakovich – the assault on beautiful gorky

as you might have noticed, they chose to mix in different styles of soundtrack music as well as from different eras too, some being early and more “classical” (like rachmaninov and shostakovich), others being more contemporary (shore & williams, i’d say i’m most familiar with their work though i’ve heard desplat before because of his contribution to the harry potter films which as you probably know by now i am a HUGE fan of but anyways…). also, the fact that classical music can also be used, by all means, in soundtracks and in films, as they are often heard.

one thing you need to know is that i adore film soundtracks. i mean, i have the entire lord of the rings + the hobbit soundtrack on cd (yes, cd – who even buys those anymore? i know i do) and all the music from the harry potter films as well. yeah, those two series/franchises i’m crazy for, both my mom and i. so yeah, i guess look forward to me talking more about film soundtracks in the future!

that’s all for now.