one grande apocalyptic storm please

i was going to cover this a few weeks back, but decided to go with t-swift instead. but seeing as how ari, as fans call her, has risen to popularity since her broadway and victorious days, and also the fact that i heard her on the radio today again, she is definitely a strong candidate for today’s beat those monday blues post.

title: one last time
artist: ariana grande
album: my everything
genre: pop
year: 2015

i decided not to go with the official video because… well it’s kind of disturbing in some ways (what’s with the bearded old man?) and frankly, i didn’t really enjoy it all that much – made me feel ever so slightly dizzy. but i gotta say i love that pink and purple apocalyptic storm (my title, get it? a play-on words from an article i read about someone ordering a “ariana grande” at starbucks). except, how exactly does it relate to the lyrics of the song? it only really explains it at the end of the video, where ariana goes to find her lover (not big sean, btw) and they brace themselves for the end of the world. so i guess she needs to see and hold him one last time before all humanity dies? maybe.

video aside, like many of her other songs, they kinda catch on to you, whether you like it or not. like, problem or break free. some say her voice is annoying, or her technique is horrible. i personally think she’s one of the stronger pop singers out there (because hello broadway training) and can actually sing live. there’s just one tiny thing that’s unsettling: her enunciation/her delivery of the lyrics. i can never understand what she’s saying, but maybe that’s just her style. one last time is undeniably a very catchy song but again, i don’t know how many times i can listen to it without it starting to get on my nerves. but pretending this is my first time listening to it, i love the sound of it!

that’s all for now.