there’s no place i’d rather be

this song as a tribute to the fabulous and talented instructors from my school’s dance showcase, which happened over the weekend. i’ve never heard this track before nor the singers, but it caught me right away. maybe it was their choreography, but the song is great too! the video… not so much. just because i don’t particularly enjoy the sight of fish… but anyhoo here it is.

title: rather be
artist: clean bandit (ft. jess glynne)
album: new eyes
genre: baroque pop, house
year: 2014

not so much a new song, as it was released over a year ago, but definitely a new discovery for me. did i mention that i absolutely adore the song? and did i also mention how i couldn’t watch this video without cringing the entire time? actually i didn’t get through the video… hello switching back and forth between screens during icky fishy scenes! love the cat and the slightly subtle presentation of the group’s logo though. but… i really don’t understand the video except for the fact that the girl kept on seeing their logo?

i love the song though! again, maybe it’s the choreography the instructors did, but it reminds me of family somehow, like there’s no place i’d rather be than with the people who love me, you know? also, i’ve never heard of baroque before! but i found out what it is (yay google!). well, according to wikipedia (because i couldn’t really find a definition anywhere else…) is “a fusion of pop rock, classical music, orchestral pop and baroque music.” uhhh… so what i’m getting is that it’s pop but has classical elements mixed with baroque elements such as strings (as you can hear in the song)? fusions of musical genres often confuse me THERE ARE JUST SO MANY OUT THERE!

but all that aside, i know what’s going on my playlist next!
that’s all for now.