somewhere only we know…

meanwhile, sitting here nomming on a mango meringue cake after a study session, once again being the indecisive person that i am about what music to feature. so here (carefully slaps down a bunch of mystical-sounding music onto this page trying to not make it sound like last week’s dream-themed soundscape post):


this is a freaking game? it’s a really beautifully designed (graphically) game! i want to play… maybe. the music is equally as beautiful as well!


okay, hans zimmer is one of the kings of soundtrack music or modern orchestral pieces in general. and this duo with tomorrowland is no exception either! tomorrowland as in the disney park/film? or… completely unrelated? nope, not related at all except for in name.

give it up for spheriá from germany! this slightly haunting, 100% calming piano composition is just wow. the birds chirping and other background noises just add to it… oh wait, that’s the next song on their soundcloud. oh well, still lovely!


last but not least, korra. i’ve never seen it but came across this track and was intrigued by the japanese quality of the piece. i have several friends who adore this series so, this is for you guys!


on a side note: heading into exam season, so my posting will be intermittent – whenever i need a break, but not necessarily daily (though i guess i’ve been failing to do that the past few weeks too. what can i say, i am a student haha)

that’s all for now.