forget me & carry on

but, fret not, there is an english version too (scroll down).

so once again, browsing places like billboard and iTunes for today’s top tracks when i came across a french song. it immediately caught my attention because, well, it’s in french! and seeing as most of my posts have been about english songs, why not add in a little bit more diversity, right? the fact the french is a very smooth and romantic language adds to the beauty of the song as well. the single actually came out just today so it could fit into turn-up & tune-in just as well as today’s, but today is monday, therefore, beat those monday blues is the winner.

title: oublie-moi (carry on)
artist: coeur de pirate
album: oublie-moi – single
genre: indie pop
year: 2015

(despite the misleading still image, this one is not a music video, by the way… )

i love that james bond-esque, mysterious & secret agent sound in the beginning – how the background music sounds slightly off-tune with her singing, thought that was a nice touch. and then it gets back in tune during the chorus. has a bit of a major-minor tonality, i guess you can say. oh, i am so happy with my finding of this song! she has an english version too, which i mentioned earlier on in the post. her voice actually sounds different in english than in french. i’ve noticed that it’s usual for people’s voices to change when singing or speaking in another language just because of the different qualities of the languages. pretty neat, huh? anyways, here’s the english:

( …but this one is!)

that’s all for now.
(à bientôt, mes amis)