honey, i’ve got a confession to make

i’ve had this gem bookmarked for a while (since it came out early march, actually) yet have never gotten around to blogging about it for some reason. but nonetheless, here it is now, hailing from tallinn, estonia. but before i begin, i must say i’ve been lucky enough to have visited this beautiful country and have actually sung, in estonian (yeah the pronunciation was pretty difficult), one of the pieces from their song festival laulupidu that happens every five years. it really is amazing, tens of thousands of both audience members and performers all gathering to celebrate music and their culture. however, the song i am talking about today is not the one i sang (ilus maa, for the record) but a single by tallinn music group, edge nine.

title: confess the love (ft. katrin-merili poom)
artist: edge nine
album: confess the love – single
genre: rock
year 2015


i’m not really one for loud music with a heavy atmosphere like this, but i can’t close all doors, right? i actually quite enjoyed this piece, from the slightly melancholic broken chord pattern in the beginning to the transition to the more “rock” part of the song. the more i listen to it, the more i find myself attracted to the music.

that’s all for now.