if the sun refused to shine…

i would still be loving you.
when mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me.

how beautiful are those lyrics? this, my friends, is what a real love song should be like; lyrics that depict the strength and growth of relationships, rather than jet-rocketing straight to it, if you know what i mean.

title: thank you
artist: led zeppelin
album: led zeppelin ii
genre: rock
year: 1969

story behind how i found this song: i was reading a story (a book) and they mentioned it a few times – it was one of the characters’ favourite led zeppelin songs. of course i decided to check it out and i guess i can say i enjoy it – need to listen to it a few more times before i can decide how i really feel about it. but so far, it’s positive.

it also fits in perfectly, as this is my 40th post on the blog. so, thank you those who read whether it be only once or more than once, i appreciate it. it’s nice to know i’m not writing for ghosts to read.

that’s all for now.