be mine?

i’ve been thinking that i should start featuring some of my own playlists/make up some for this segment rather than just taking (copying&pasting) those from other music blogs or sites. i guess i’ve started doing that, with the soundscape stuff, but not officially yet on saturday playlists. so, why not start this today?

be mine?
here’s something i put together for valentine’s day gift. if only i had published this playlist two months earlier, right? i mean, i did start this blog around valentine’s day but i don’t think i came up with the segments until about a week later. oh well, here it is now.

spoilers: love songs (for the occasion, of course!)

  1. joanna wang – i love you (p.s. this was the song i chose for my first cover; p.p.s. youtube is really strict with the copyright on this song, so the link is via vimeo)
  2. chlara – stuck on you
  3. aj rafael, ft. jesse barrera – she was mine
  4. savage garden – i knew i loved you
  5. ronan keating – when you say nothing at all
  6. christina perri, ft. steve kazee – a thousand years
  7. sam smith – stay with me
  8. billy joel – just the way you are
  9. westlife – us against the world
  10. faith hill – there you’ll be
  11. journey – open arms
  12. chlara – songbird
  13. jim croce – time in a bottle (posted about here)
  14. cascada – truly, madly, deeply
  15. westlife – unbreakable
  16. lady antebellum – just a kiss
  17. josh groban – you raise me up
  18. lisa – shirushi (sword art online: ii ending – this is only a short clip of the song)

i find myself constantly at a loss for words to describe my feelings, and i say what better way to express them than through music, right?

that’s all for now.