good morning, springtime

it’s finally getting warmer outside, at least where i am, and this is the perfect song to greet the new season. aside from being my soundscape choice, it can also double as the all that class selection i missed earlier this week.

just a little note to my listeners: the experience is best in an empty room. pull away those curtains, open the blinds, let the sun seep into your skin as you sit back, eyes closed, and enjoy the fusion of nature and classical music.

title: grieg’s “morning from the pier gynt suite, opus 46”
artist: dan gibson, hennie bekker
album: solitudes: exploring nature with music – the classics
genre: new age
year: 1991

my dad and i were testing out our newly revamped surround sound system at home when he came across this cd amongst our collection. i instantaneously fell in love with this track. i love the mixture of nature sounds (a form of music in itself as well) and instrumental pieces, it’s just so beautiful! the first time i did this was with yiruma’s kiss the rain, listening to it alongside the sound of rain… generated from the internet because it wasn’t raining at the moment. putting this kind of music with nature makes it all that much more beautiful, don’t you think?

that’s all for now.