focus: atlas rhoads

currently listening to their album sampler via noisetrade and LOVING IT (the gardener is… wow!)!

a quick intro from their website:

Based out of Lynchburg, Virginia Atlas Rhoads desire is to impact lives in our world through songs founded on the truths of the gospel. We use intentional and thought-provoking lyrics to compose music that accompanies the emotional depth of the lyrics. Music that pierces your mind, soul and spirit.

the group, as mentioned above, is an indie christian symphonic/rock band that consists of vocalist and guitarist timothy riordan, vocalist lauren dorr, bassist dane spearman, lead guitarist justin smith, and drummer eric blais. they are also said to have been influenced by sigur ros, my epic, future of forestry, and (of course) coldplay. i think i’m starting to see a trend here with coldplay being a big influence on many, many other musicians. also, remind me to check out those other three bands too.

oh right, and their name is atlas rhoads.

here’s a sample of their music from their self-titled album (starting at 4:42 is the song i mentioned above – the gardener):

you can download three of their tracks – sound of the rivers, bride, and the gardener – on noisetrade FOR FREE (yep! good music, for nothing but you can tip them if you wish. or even better, buy their album on iTunes).

i really like their sound; don’t really know how to describe it though. and their lyrics! i believe that music is a really powerful tool in spreading the messages you wish to send to others, like the word of god, in their case.

We want people to leave our shows inspired and reminded of who God is. We desire to 1) create songs founded on the truths of The Gospel, using intentional and carefully crafted lyrics. 2) To compose music that accompanies the emotional depth of the lyrics. We want to create an experience for the people who come. When anyone is faced with the power and truth of the Gospel, change is the only option. atlas rhoads

on the unrelated note, i am now done exams! well, almost… i have my jury still but i’m done written ones! so, shall be more active.

that’s all for now.