dreaming of paradise

ah, i’ve been away for a while (what with exams, jury, cleaning, resting) so it’s nice to be back. hope you didn’t miss me too much!

of all my music talk segments, i believe i have fewest for friday – i keep missing it for some reason. but not today! today’s song is one of my absolute favourites and helped to foster my love for the band. it also holds some sentimental meaning to it. i remember i was in the school library when i heard it the first time, from a cd mix my best friend gave me a few years back (one thing about me is i ADORE cd mixes… or music mixes of any kind so if you ever need help finding me something… wink wink). it was different than the music i was used to hearing at the time but there was something about the song that captivated me right away. maybe it was the words or that powerful opening. the music video is also one of my favourites of all time because ELEPHANTS (and because elephants i have to show the music video rather than the official audio)!

title: paradise
artist: coldplay
album: mylo xyloto
genre: electronic rock
year: 2011

i think i’ve pretty much summed up how i feel about it in the opening paragraph. just… coldplay in general i really like their stuff, especially the lyrics! i guess you can say that’s what made me fall in love with them in the first place.

on a side note, this is my 50th blog post! wow! i’ll do something special for my 100th.

guess that’s all for now.