looking through this broken glass

(i really need to start coming up with better titles…)

a typical day for me consists of at least one episode of a tv show i’m currently watching. and with tv shows comes great soundtracks, comes great indecision about what to talk about! alas, today’s discovery is not from a tv show but something i found off hype machine.

title: put me down
artist: AQUILO
genre: indie/alternative
year: 2015

the guardian speaks of this duo (tom higham & ben fletcher) from lake district as having a music quality like “waves of aural honey pouring from your speakers” and earmilk, “soft, atmospheric music that helps you drift peacefully into another realm of your mind.” wow if only i could write such poetic descriptions of music. maybe one day it will work (i mean, i am an amateur poet of sorts as well). but for now, i’ll stick to being straightforward.

i love that dreamlike quality of the vocals that sort of make them seem out of reach and far away – slight but noticeable echoes are gold in music! and then those watery beats, if you know what i mean. the mixture of ambience and a sort of electronic/poppy/funky creates a nice balance – something you won’t fall asleep listening to because it’s too ambient, but produces enough relaxing vibes. this, my friends, is a great two minutes forty-seven second song that induces a trance-like state (for me, at least).

that’s all for now.