band-aids don’t fix bullet holes

taylor swift; she’s at it again! she broke the internet with the release of her newest music video bad blood with a star-studded cast. no longer the innocent country girl who weeps while singing with her guitar, but a fierce woman who knows who’s boss (she is) and sticks up for herself, supported by her girlfriends.

title: bad blood
artist: taylor swift (ft. kendrick lamar)
album: 1989
genre: pop
year: 2014

the cast:

  • taylor swift as catastrophe
  • karlie kloss as knockout
  • cara delevingne as mother chucker
  • zendaya as cut-throat
  • selena gomez as arsyn
  • gigi hadid as slay-z
  • ellie goulding as destructa x
  • lena dunham as lucky fiori
  • hayley williams as the crimson curse
  • martha hunt as homeslice
  • jessica alba as domino
  • serayah as dilemma
  • lily aldridge as frostbyte
  • hailee steinfeld as the trinity
  • kendrick lamar as welvin da great
  • cindy crawford as headmistress
  • ellen pompeo as luna
  • mariska hargitay as justice

really a star-studded cast from various different talents. i enjoyed the video but the song isn’t really catching on… i’m not a fan of the chorus, in particular the descending and mind you, heavily repeated “bad blood” part. i get that it’s the title and the point of the song but the way it was presented was not to my personal taste. the bridge (“band-aids don’t fix bullet holes) was nice though.

final verdict: not one of my favourite taylor swift songs (but maybe i’ll get into it a bit more after more listening, who knows?)

that’s all for now.