okay? okay.

no, sorry, not talking about a the fault in the stars song today, but the reference works well for the title of today’s selection.

so you know how i did a disney playlist last week? i was going through my cds to find songs for it, and came across my vanessa hudgens cd. yeah, that one she released when she was 17 (she is now 26), at the height of the high school musical popularity. used to listen to her album all the time in the car, before iPods were popular (think i might have had it on my iPod nano… you know the tall one, not the newer fat one). i was one huge fan of disney channel during that era, when hannah montana & miley cyrus, wizards of waverly place & selena gomez, the suite life of zack and cody, and camp rock with the jonas brothers and demi lovato were all the rage. it was a good era. ANYWAYS off with going down memory lane, here’s my favourite song from v, say ok.

title: say ok
artist: vanessa hudgens
album: v
genre: pop
year: 2006

i’m not sure if you could make out his face in the 240p quality video, but that’s zac efron! remember when zanessa was everybody’s favourite celebrity couple? no more to that fairytale. the song i don’t really know what to say about it other than i love how it sounds! the verse, the pre-chorus, the bridge – everything about it i love even that descending broken chord opening. it’s so unbelievably simple, yet it works!

that’s all for now.