there’s something about the moonlight tonight

maybe the fact that there is no moonlight, at least not just yet.
but that doesn’t mean we can’t create the moonlit atmosphere right here in our own homes, on our laptops or whatever device you’re using at the moment.

calming and inspiring, a good song to put on when you’re studying or trying to sleep, as well as a definite crowd-pleaser, here’s clair de lune.

title: suite bergamasque
movement: clair de lune
composer: claude debussy
year: 1905

piano – angela hewitt

orchestral – stanley black

the piano version is stunning on its own, yet the orchestral renditions add a bit more layer, depth, and emotion to it the way a single instrument cannot. i also highly recommend a listen to the disney’s fantasia version, which can be found in my previous post here. debussy is, nonetheless, one of my favourite “classical” composers (he’s actually impressionist).

that’s all for now.