it’s 2 in the morning

… and i’m up writing this blog post.
not (i’d be asleep at this time).

2 in the morning = 2am = today’s featured song.
quick note: was going to feature two songs today, but didn’t have enough time to write the other post. studying for an exam an all that, yknow. right, onto the selection of the day.

you might know her as the girl was featured in shawn mendes’ newest album. or the girl who did a fantastic acoustic cover of fourfiveseconds. astrid smeplass is an 18-year-old norwegian singer who placed fifth in the norwegian version of pop idol in 2013. 2am was her first single as a new artist, released in 2014 in norway and 2015 in the states. thanks to michelle phan, i found this week’s turn-up and tune-in song ahead of time. for a much more eloquent introduction to the singer, click on the link above.

title: 2am
artist: astrid
album: 2am
genre: pop
year: 2014/2015

so i’m really bad at describing music, but there’s a sort of poppy electronic sound mixed with a little reggae and dancehall/soca -esque type of feel in the chorus. it’s something different than what i usually listen to, but i like it – it is quite catchy, don’t you say?

that’s all for now.