dear diary…

my mom and i just went on a throwback journey yesterday, listening to “oldies” in the car, singing along. today’s selection is one song that i’ve heard her talk about many times, but never actually listened carefully to it until yesterday. from the californian soft rock band bread, here’s diary.
note: pay attention to the lyrics.

title: diary
artist: bread
album: baby i’m-a want you
genre: soft rock
year: 1972

for those who didn’t listen to the entire thing, it starts off with a guy finding a girl’s (presumably his girlfriend’s) diary where she writes about her love for him. reading more, later on the guy realizes that the person the girl was writing about in her diary was not him, but another guy (how sad, right?). rather than being jealous, angry, and depressed, he genuinely wishes her well and that they will become a happy couple. the lyrics can be found here.

it is a sad love song, but it is absolutely beautiful! the lyrics, the melody, the simple acoustic arrangement. why can’t we have simple songs anymore? the majority of pop music today is so electronic and explicit, not to mention totally commercialized. what happened to the sincerity and innocence of music, where lyrics actually meant something and were beautiful? not saying that all the songs today are bad, because there are some great ones out there. just, comparatively speaking for the top hits, you know?

anyways, that’s all for now.