starry starry night

throwbacks are getting increasingly more difficult, with my increased exposure of “oldies”, especially those from the 40s spanning to the 70s. difficult as in i have so many good songs to choose from, yipers!

so after very long considerations, i have decided to go with a piece that fuses visual art and music.

title: vincent (starry starry night)
artist: don mclean
album: american pie
genre: folk
year: 1971

i used to listen to it all the time when i was a kid but it wasn’t until a few years ago that i finally learned it was a tribute to the late, famous artist vincent van gogh. in all honesty, it’s pretty obvious from the lyrics but as a kid who was forced to listen to her parents’ favourite songs, i only “heard” the song, but never really “listened” or paid attention to the lyrics – they are a masterpiece in itself, absolutely stunning. i really do believe this is the perfect tribute for not only van gogh’s work, but his person as well.

on a side note, this song reminded me of that one doctor who episode where the doctor and amy met van gogh in one of their travels. anyways…

that’s all for now.