get your groove on: the seventies

recently, i’ve listening to some tunes from the 70s, and really quite liking them. for today’s saturday playlist, i’ve decided to try something different. i present to you a new series of my blog, under music talkthe decades. and first up will be the glorious 70s.

1970s Collage

before i start the music portion, just a little taste of the culture and some of the events of the 70s (presented by the history channel). and… i can’t actually embed the video so here it is for your interest:

alright now that we got that out of the way, i present to you the billboard hot 100 number-one singles of the 1970s, from the billboard archives. well, not all in one go. today will just be 1970; the rest will come in the near future.

note: bolded is number-one single of the year

too many songs to talk about, but one comment: bridge over water definitely deserves to be the top song of 1970, i love simon & garfunkel’s stuff!

that’s all for now.