good vibes

i’ve been doing a lot of throwbacks, huh? two reasons: i) working with seniors = lots and lots and lots of good old music, and ii) i have thursdays off so more time for blogging!

today’s selection i heard while at work – we had a music class focused on the beach boys. to be honest i’ve never listened to any of their music before until that day. the “teacher”, i guess you can call him, brought up this song and i instantaneously fell in love with it. since then, it’s been my jam for these past few days (along with stevie wonder‘s superstition, but i’ll save that for another time). so here it is, the beach boys with good vibrations.

title: good vibrations
artist: the beach boys
album: good vibrations – single
genre: psychedelic pop
year: 1966

my goodness, don’t you just love the contrast between the verses/pre-chorus, chorus, and bridge? it’s absolutely beautiful! they sound so different yet they mesh so well – give it up for wilson & love, people! my favourite part of the song has to be the verse/pre-chorus part… but then i also love the entire alien-esque part (i believe it’s played on the theremin) and the strong bass sound of the chorus – it’s just got a fantastic sound overall! and of course, there are some summery, beachy elements of the song, as expected from the beach boys, right?

that’s all for now.