because i’m happy!

i had a wonderful day today, and i hope you all did too. one of the highlights was ending work with a dance-and-sing-along. you know, just three generations of people all happily dancing to the same music, all having fun because TGIF right?

after a whole lot of earth, wind & fire boogylicious songs, we ended with pharrell williamshappy. and wow it just felt so good to let loose and know that nobody in the room is judging you, and that you’re simultaneously making others happy with your dancing.

title: happy
artist: pharrell williams
album: despicable me 2 original motion picture soundtrack
genre: soul
year: 2013

fun fact: best-selling song of 2014, and best-selling single of the decade (maybe even one of all time best)
another fun fact: apparently there’s a 24h music video for happy, the world’s first of its kind. check it out here.

one thought: it’s got this upbeat kind of groove that gets stuck on repeat in your head and of course, it makes you want to dance and most definitely is a feel-good friday kind of song. and i’ll leave it at that.

that’s all for now.