running wild and running free

i am SO happy to be back to “normal” blogging and exploring new music that is not from the seventies, though i did have fun with that segment. anyways, welcome back to music talk with thia, here’s beat those monday blues!

the first time i heard this song was at a movie theatre, pre-movie, in a jeep commercial (you may have seen this too). let’s just say shazam was my best friend – at that instant, and whenever i need to figure out the details of a good, new song.

title: renegades
artist: x ambassadors
album: vhs
genre: alternative rock
year: 2015

i guess i’m kind of rusty in musical expression through words after being away from it for some time. first off, the lyrics kind of mesh with what i’m trying to do with my life – being carefree. i love that acoustic sound at the opening – it’s very clean yet compelling. and i love the clapping that helps to establish the rhythm. the song itself has such a carefree, fun, adventure-seeking melody and feel to it, i fell in love with it the instant i heard it (hence, shazam). also, the fact that they mention spielberg in the song – thumbs up for that! absolutely adore this song, so i’m glad my getting back to blogging has helped to remember this piece of art was saved somewhere in the music library of my mind.

that’s all for now.