and so the legend goes

i have an exciting one for you guys today, as recommended by one of my fellow music friends. i hope you like it as much as we do, because seriously, this is one fantastic piece of music.

hailing from trois-rivières, here’s canadian band bears of legend (i would really like to say more about them but their bio is all in french and i don’t really feel like being a translator at the moment haha maybe another time though).

title: be mine, all mine
artist: bears of legend
album: ghostwritten chronicles
genre: folk/ambient
year: 2015

wow, right? magical song, bliss, i am in love! i think something is stuck on replay on my itunes…
it’s really neat, how they combine something celtic/folk-sounding elements with a sort of parisian, french sound as well, thanks to the accordion playing in the background. i am a huge fan of celtic-sounding music (is that the right word for it? i’m not sure, but you probably know which sound i am referring to) and paris has a special place in my heart, so naturally, this would attract my attention. the rhythm of the song changes slightly too, which is another attractive feature that gives this piece of music its uniqueness.

i think i’m going to go and listen to more of their music now.
that’s all for now.