so as you may or may not have heard, the 2015 pan-american games are happening at this moment in toronto, canada, and it is considered “the world’s third largest international multi-sport Games” (official site). i guess you can say all of america is watching as their athletes compete for medals.

just like any other large sporting event, there is a theme song. being held in a canadian city, the committee chose canadian singer serena ryder to uphold this tradition of sorts. take a listen, if you don’t already have it stuck in your head.

title: together we are one
artist: serena ryder
year: 2015

(p.s. the song starts at the 0:58 mark)

i absolutely love serena’s raspy vocals – it gives listeners a sort of power surge (at least that’s what it does for me) and of course, the motivational lyrics which is key to any theme song. it definitely has a summer feel as well. the theme? unity. what else can i say? as far as theme songs/anthems go, i really like this one!

that’s all for now.