in green fields we roam

once there were green fields
just kidding, that’s not the song for today.

wow i haven’t blogged on a wednesday in a LONG time (maybe it’s because i haven’t been in the classical music mood lately? not sure, but… possible). anyways, i wanted to keep this short and sweet today – might not be the right words to describe this work or its composer though.

rather than focusing on the entire work, i will just present the first movement – the most well-known, liveliest, happiest one.

title: symphony no. 6 in f major, op. 68 (pastoral symphony)
movement: allegro ma non troppo (first)
composer: ludwig van beethoven
year: 1808

and in case you loved it so much and wanted to listen to the entire thing:

every time i listen to this, i picture fawns playing their little pipes, dancing around in a circle, thanks to disney’s fantasia. but kudos to them, because it is what makes me enjoy the piece even more. even without the animation, beethoven’s music depicts a happy, sort of country-like scene – maybe rolling hills of green, a little village nearby, children playing and dancing around; something quite lively and happy. maybe like the arrival of spring, too. and of course, it then transitions to rumbling thunders and stuff to show of the composer’s strong, firey personality, but i won’t talk about that now.

i don’t know about you, but for some reason, this movement reminds me of something i’ve heard in a movie but i can’t pinpoint exactly which one because i’m sure many movies have used this famous piece of music. anyhoo…

that’s all for now.