focus: ABBA

thia’s current status: preparing for final exam. apologies for being offline for a LONG time. to make it up, i thought i’d do a throwback x focus post today. sound good? alrighty!

you probably know them by their catchy, dancey music; you probably know them by their funky outfits – all them sparkles and bell-bottomed pants; you probably know them by the musical that was created using their songs.
oh mamma mia! it’s ABBA! (that was a bit cheesy, but hey… i had to include their “tagline” somehow)
on another note, look at me here, still focusing on the 70s – it just can’t be stopped, can it?

so, where to begin? a swedish group consisting of agnetha fältskog, björn ulvaeus, benny andersson, and anni-frid lyngstad (hence A.B.B.A.), ABBA was formed in 1972. they gained world recognition after they won the 1974 eurovision song contest with their top hit, waterloo (this, a fact i learned at work, believe it or not). and since then, well, they’ve come up with many hits, albums, and became pretty much an iconic group of the seventies. unfortunately, the band dissolved (without an official disbandment announcement) in 1982, the day before you came being the last song the band recorded. how much i would wish to see them live, reunited on the stage one more time.

the first ABBA song i heard was dancing queen, the first song on their gold album, when i was about what… 4/5 years old, maybe? i fell in love right away, and i remember i would always urge my parents to play the cd in the car during road trips and things. a few of my childhood girlfriends and i would even have little dance parties to their music. i think it’s quite touching how music from before my generation finds its way back into the current generation through documentaries (i am watching a recent one here) and definitely through mamma mia! aside from their gold album, i also listened to the original cast recording of the musical version of their songs too – i was that kid who memorized the dialogue embedded into the songs as well as the lyrics. needless to say, i am a fan!

here are some of my favourite songs from them (most are found in either of the two albums i mentioned above):


and yes, i’ve discovered spotify playlists – i’m going to flip-flop between this and youtube, depending on what the situation calls for.

that’s all for now.