a beacon for your way


“Something on the big horizon for tomorrow – stay tuned…”

this status cropped up on my facebook newsfeed the other day and boy was i ecstatic. why? because BANNERS (previously known as RAINES) was coming out with a second song! i had fallen in love with his first song, ghosts (also my very first first turn-up & tune-in post) and even then, i had written: “this is definitely my kind of music and am looking forward to hearing more from you.” and to my heart’s content, he gifted his fans with a second, more upbeat song just yesterday and before i even listened to it, i knew i was going to love it. and i do! of course, i also knew right away that i would be featuring his new song shine a light in today’s segment.

premiered on a fellow wordpress blog, consequence of sound, here’s what the artist himself had to say about his new piece:

“The song is about feeling lost at sea and desperately searching for a beacon of light. It’s about waiting for that one big wave to finally pull you under while clinging on to that one last ray of hope. It’s a song to the person in your life that offers salvation while the storm is raging around you.”

no wonder his music is so good; he is so eloquent and his words are so deep, image-stricken, emotional, personal, magical… so many more better words than i can explain and come up with at the moment. anyways, enough chitchat, here’s’ BANNERS with shine a light.

fun fact: it was the featured song in the trailer of FIFA 16 Legends – how about that, huh?

this time round, BANNERS decided to go for a more energetic, empowering tune vs. that haunting atmospheric sound from ghosts. it definitely has more substance to it than his first single, but nonetheless still very appealing to my ears. i’m going to say it once again: really looking forward to more music from him.

that’s all for now.