high on legal marijuana

(no, i’m not actually… )

school is busy, lots of readings to do (who said the life of a music major was easy?) but i’m back on track!

a few weeks back, i stumbled upon the gem that is badlands. yknow, indie-pop singer-songwriter halsey‘s album? i think it was urban outfitters‘ instagram post that brought me to her. what can i say, i judged a book by its cover, or in this case, music by its album art. that could get you somewhere but of course, never judge. for all you know, the albums with crappy covers are the best ones out there (think of the beatleswhite album, in a way. i mean, it’s not crappy, just plain. you get the point). went on to spotify to listen, and low and behold the first song from the album i happened to listen to was new americana.

this song, and basically the entire album, makes me feel like i can conquer the world. it’s just the perfect album for roadtrips, i find. i don’t know what it is, but halsey has her own style that i don’t actually have the words to describe. in this song in particular, i liked how a youth chorus was featured… even though the message of the song isn’t very kid-friendly, what with being high on marijuana. BUT that’s not the important part – the important thing is the overall meaning of the song, which i kind of got as carefree and non-conformity. she also put a personal touch to it, with “being raised on biggie and nirvana”, sort of highlighting her mixed-race ethnic background.

anyways, here’s her entire album because i couldn’t resist it.


that’s all for now, sleepy thia out.