mirror of the snow-covered hills

after taking a lengthy (ish) break from… well… music from the seventies, i felt it was time for another from the seventies. i kept on putting this song off because: “do i want it featured on fridays? or thursdays?” anyways, it’s here right now.

title: landslide
artist: fleetwood mac
album: fleetwood mac
genre: folk rock
year: 1975

this is one of my favourite songs… but i could never fully understand the lyrics. so i did some research, found this article (and some others too) and here’s what i found:

  • before fleetwood mac, stevie nicks teamed up with lindsey buckingham to produce an album that, unfortunately, didn’t quite make it – nicks didn’t know whether to go back to her old life or to keep pursuing a career in music
  • of course, she prevailed and wrote landslide
  • the scenery in aspen inspired her – “and if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills” is reminiscent of the rocky mountains and of the only time she lived in snow
  • a year after, they were asked by mick fleetwood to join his band

i realize i just cited one source, but from the other interviews i’ve read and watched about nicks’ story behind landslide, i think what she was trying to say was that landslide was a reflection of her indecisiveness and partial doubt about whether she wanted to continue in her musical career, or to stop after one failed album and go back to living her life the way it was back at home with her parents. she did say in a few interviews that her dad partially inspired the song (in the recording above, she dedicates her performance to “daddy”, and i quote her), as well as buckingham who was there with her through pre-debut and fame. it really is quite a beautifully constructed song, with a simple guitar accompaniment.

just a quick story of how it came to be one of my most favourite songs.
due to the fact that landslide such a great song, MANY people covered it, the most popular versions being by the dixie chicks in 2002 and the smashing pumpkins in 1994. let’s not forget where i heard it from first: glee (2011).
i thought it was another beautiful song that i would enjoy listening to, until one day at band rehearsal (yeah… my friends and i had this really unofficial “band” back in tenth grade). i was sitting with my then-best-friend/now-boyfriend while the others were off doing their own thing, and he started playing it. i think it was because he knew i liked the song? and because he could play it? anyways, he started playing, i started singing along. i guess you could say it was one of the first times we actually connected (or so i remember), and became one of our cheer-up songs, in a way. so, it remains close to my heart.

anyways, that’s all for now.
xx thia.