captive on the carousel of time

hmm… today’s song is going to be another “throwback”. as in, pre-2000s… heck… it’s also from the seventies… what can i say, i love music from the seventies.

what do carousels, cartwheels, car wheels, dragonflies, thunder, falling stars, and skating all have in common? CIRCLES! well, to be more specific, the circle game.

title: the circle game
artist: joni mitchell
album: ladies of the canyon
genre: folk pop
year: 1970

i used to sing along to it in the car all the time with my mom when i was younger – i believe this was one of the songs that won her first place in a singing competition as a teenager (she did a cover with guitar, of course). this song is a favourite to both of us. only now does the meaning of the song really relates/comes into my life. just like the child in the song, i was a child when i first listened to it, and now, i am as old as the child is in the song as well, when he grows up.

the circle joni is talking about is none other than the circle of life. time is among us, and sometimes we need to find time (haha) to take a break, become a child again. to me, it is a very insightful yet also hopeful song – “there’ll be new dreams, maybe better dreams and plenty before the last revolving year is through.” opportunities will continue to come knocking at your door until your last breath. the past is the past, we can only look back at what we’ve done and just keep living.

on that philosophical note, that’s all for now.
xx thia.