still staying strong

after seeing countless advertisements on instagram, i decided to try an app called episode. it is basically an interactive story kind of game, with several stories to choose from. one of the featured stories is demi lovato: path to fame. i thought why not try it out? it /is/ the main featured game anyways. the story is exactly as it sounds – demi helps you on your way to fame. in all honesty, i really enjoyed the game, but this is not a game review blog.

why am i telling you this? of course, the game featured many of demi’s most popular songs. i have to admit, i didn’t know a lot of them. i own her very first album, listened to a couple of her not-as-recent hits, and that was about it. didn’t pay much attention to her, until now. and boy, have i been missing out. as many of you probably know, demi had some rough times a couple years back, but after rehab, she’s been very positive, and trying to inspire people of all ages to stay strong in their battle with mental issues. i actually own her book of daily inspiration, staying strong: 365 days a year – it’s quite good. for today’s saturday playlists, here are the songs from demi lovato: path to fame (the ones that i caught, at least).

  1. cool for the summer
  2. give your heart a break
  3. really don’t care (ft. cher lloyd)
  4. neon lights
  5. heart attack
  6. let it go

i really enjoy these songs!
give it up for demi!

that’s all for now.